Awards table

Date Scope News Location
2015/05/07 Recognition KB Medical wins the PERL award Lausanne, Switzerland
2015/03/10 Announcement KB Medical obtains ISO 13485 certification Lausanne, Switzerland
2015/03/01 Recognition Dr. Kostrzewski elected at IEC-ISO Joint Work Group Lausanne, Switzerland
2015/02/19 Congress SRS 2015 (Society of Robotic Surgery) Orlando
2015/01/31 Announcement KB Medical's AQrate System passes EMC testing on first pass! Lausanne, Switzerland
2014/11/12 Congress NASS 2014 (North American Spine Society) San-Francisco
2014/10/01 Congress Eurospine 2014 Lyon, France
2014/09/01 Announcement KB Medical appoints Jean-Marc Wismer as CEO Lausanne, Switzerland
2014/05/31 Congress ICRA 2014 (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) Hong-Kong
2013/11/07 Congress SRS 2013 (Society of Robotic Surgery) Orlando
2013/10/09 Congress NASS 2013 (North American Spine Society) New Orleans
2013/10/04 Congress Eurospine 2013 Liverpool
2013/04/10 Recognition CTI Start-up Label Solothurn
2013/01/06 Recognition IMD’s 15th Startup Competition 2012/2013 Lausanne, Switzerland
2012/11/28 Congress Medical Robots International Conference Presentation Zabrze, Poland


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